5 Things for January

How do you feel about New Year's Resolutions?


Someone told me the other day that they had made one resolution for 2018. My eye started to twitch because I wish I had one. I have 54. And I'm pretty sure I forgot to add something.

Every year, my New Year's Resolutions have categories, and sub categories, and are organized by 'Things to Stop Doing' and 'Things to Start Doing.' I think its because I love lists, or self reflection, or dreaming big on paper, but 54 might be a bit much to tackle in January. Now as I look at this giant bite of a year I'm all bubbly with excitement about what God's up to, and how I can be a part of it.

But how about we start off with a normal person bite of 2018? How about tackling five things this month? That only leaves 49 more, which is great, cause at least now we're out of the 50's. 

Here are five things I'm tackling in January, 2018.

  1. Give Up Alcohol (for all of 2018).
    You heard me. There will be a blog post on this at some point, but your sneak peek is this: God has been pressing this decision on to my heart (for...ummm...a year?), and I finally (sorry, Lord), FINALLY said yes. In 2018, the commitment is real. No alcohol, 365 days. #LetDoThis #MoreOnThisLater
  2. Take my supplements and Ningxia Red every day.
    I love my Young Living supplements, and how glowy and supported I feel when I'm good about taking them. January 2018 is the month I stop being a lazy petulant child, and take the goods e'ryday. 
  3. Go Windsurfing.
    I shall make this happen this month. Just not in New York cause I'll freeze to death, and all the water is six feet thick of ice. Stay tuned on Instagram to see me surf this month!
  4.  Hustle, Baby Hustle!
    This is the part where I'd break out the bullet points and colored pens, but I won't do that to you nice folks. Essentially (no pun intended), I want to see my business grow this month. I want to write a blog a week (cause I like you, dear reader). I want to write two creative performance pieces a month and do more with worship arts. I want, I want, I want, so let's go do it!
  5. Train harder and drink more water.
    Ok fine, that's technically 6 things. In 2017, I was introduced to weight lifting. I was convinced that if I (a petite girl with bulky genes) started regularly lifting weights, I was going to become some gorilla-esque, Italian version of Gimli from Lord of the Rings, but NO! It's the opposite effect, I love (like....adore) what weight training is doing to my health and body. So more o' dat in 2018, and yes, at least 64 ounces of water a day.

Am I ready? YES! Only 40-something to go! Are you? Share some of your resolutions in the comments below! 

Welcome 2018!

Samantha Bossalini