Limey Avo Toast

The first time I went to Brooklyn, avocado toast cost $14 for one slice.


ONE. PIECE. FOUR. TEEN. DOLLA! And there was NO egg on it. Just Sara Lee toast and smashed avocado.

I remember looking outside the window at, well….Brooklyn…and thinking ‘These used to be the cheapest of the cheap seats. Like, this is where you went when you were just coming to the U.S. and had absolutely nothing. How the crap does this piece of bread cost $14?’ Well, Brooklyn is fancy now, friends! Really fancy - a year later I paid $17 for the same kind of avo toast. #Inflation #NYCAintCheap

The truth is avo toast is delicious and a really good breakfast choice. The monounsaturated fat of the avocado lowers the overall glycemic index of the toast (happy pancreases). Combine that with protein from the egg (or egg substitute for all you vegans) and this actually makes a lot of nutritional sense. The other truth is this staple food of all Hipsters everywhere can easily be made cheaper, fresher, and infused with limonene-rich lime oil. This is literally the easiest recipe in the world, but here we go!

Limey Avo Toast (serves 2)

In a bowl, add garlic powder, salt and the Lime oil. Scoop the avocado fruit into the bowl and mash until you reach your desired consistency and set aside. Toast your bread. Eggs can be fried or poached. Assemble the toast, and then for a true Hipster experience, take $14 out of your pocket and light it on fire.

Mangia ;)

Samantha Bossalini