Redneck Pick Up Trucks, Mullets, and Yoga Balls are Making Me a Better Person.

Don't lie. You came here because of that title.



I don't blame you. There will be mullets, I promise you. This post is about failure, and how it manifested itself in many unflattering ways last month.

I love that my first 'business' post is about failure. No, this is a good place to start! We can only go up from here. If I'm going to someday write lofty, exciting posts about big dreams and my oily team's victory parties filled with champagne, dancing, glitter, and silly string (there should always be silly string at victory parties), then I need to be transparent about the face plants and meltdowns that got us there. February was a brutal month with lots of failures. I'm very grateful for the lessons learned (and that March starts today). 

  • Vulnerable: Me sharing my ugly, nasty, failure stories with a filter.

  • Transparent: Same as above, no filter.

You've signed up for Transparent, so let's do this.

I am a total mess.

I conceal it about 85% percent of the time. The other 15% is awkward, confusing, and sometimes good for a giggle, or snort laughing in my mess. Side note: I totally needed to pull out the calculator just now because its early, I went to college for English and I had to check that 85% + 15% = mess. .

There are mornings where I pour my cup of coffee and then cannot find it. The other day I shaved one leg and completely forgot the other. I fell off my yoga ball in the middle of a video conference call with my boss. This morning I crashed into the chandelier that is hanging from my ceiling....from my CEILING!

I can fail at my own goals through lack of discipline. I'll say "I’m giving up Netflix and alcohol this month," and two days later, I’m on my second glass of chardonnay watching season 7 of something pointless, because bad habits. I'll say "I’ll meet with God every day this month," and by the end of it, I cannot remember the last time we sat together.

If lack of discipline, or my own clumsiness don't derail me, I can be t-boned by the awful, 4-wheel, redneck, pick-em-up truck that is 'the unexpected'. Example: this February, I had planned to have new headshots and photos professionally done for this blog. One $10 haircut later, and I have David Bowie’s mullet from ‘The Labyrinth’ and will not be able to do headshots until June...or December. The lessons we have learned are: mall haircuts are not always a good bargain, bobby pins save the day, and you cannot anticipate 'the unexpected.'

Things happen, we fail, we teach a slew of classes and gain no new members. My team hits a bump, and I say ‘its because I’m not a good leader.' I struggle to balance a full time job, a business, family, community, and exercise, and get mad at myself when I can't keep my eyes open at 9pm.

I am so human.

And you know what? It's ok. If I'm ever invited for an audience with the Queen of England, I just won't walk, talk, pour coffee, sit on yoga balls, or do math.

Failure happens. And then there are victories. They are small at first, but tiny battles won in the midst of a bigger war for our time, energy, thoughts, and character.

  • We unfriend the guy who broke our heart two years ago because its time to move on.

  • We shut down our Netflix account because building our own story is better than watching six seasons of a fictional one.

  • We evaluate objectively why we have no sign ups at our classes and we ask for help when we need it.

  • We read a book. The whole book.

  • We have a good cry if we need to. We go to bed and get some needed sleep. We say no to junk (junk food, junk relationships, junk thinking) and yes to the good things.

  • We weigh criticism for its value, and toss its malice or bitterness to the wind.

  • We pick up our Bibles instead of scrolling Instagram for a quick fix of affirmation.

  • We figure out how to fix the mullet until it grows in, and how to keep from falling out of chairs during important meetings.

I want you to be encouraged, ladies, boss babes, single ladies, mamas, G-mamas.  I hope you have grace for yourself, because God has grace for you. You know where you need to grow. You know what parts of your character need development, and what parts of you are just clumsy, sideswiped, or needing discipline. Have grace, be kind, and celebrate everyone of those little victories with silly string, because they lead to bigger ones.

You've got this, babe <3


Samantha Bossalini