3 Most Embarrassing Moments in Business (so far)

*Insert cheesy quote about learning from mistakes HERE*


For real though, I've made some boo-boos in my two years of being an entrepreneur, and yes, I've learned from them. But let's do better than that. How about I let YOU learn from my boo-boos too, so you don't make the same ones? I'm sharing my top three most embarrassing moments in business (so far). 

1. Showing up to class naked.

Isn't this every elementary school kid's recurring nightmare? Yeah, I lived it. 

This was back when the video conferencing tool ZOOM had just been launched. People were going cuckoo for it, but because I am 90-years-old in my head, I had no idea what it was. So, when I registered for an online ZOOM class on aromatherapy and psychology, I assumed it was a pre-recorded webinar. Turns out, it was also a Bible study - the lady teaching it was known for praying before each class, and using Scripture to talk about emotional and mental support. 

On the evening of the call, my mom decides to join me, fires up the laptop, takes it into my room and starts watching it. I was just on my way out of the shower when the doorbell rings. Mom goes to get it, and leaves the ZOOM meeting running in my room.

I can hear the teacher praying as I walked in, and I start to put on my lotions and oils. Mind you, I am starkers...completely starkers, and 100% unaware of the fact that ZOOM is NOT a pre-recorded webinar and it automatically activates YOUR WEBCAM!!! The prayer ends, and I turn to look at the screen. I can see the faces of the ladies (just ladies, thank You Lord), and wonder to myself why I see a room on the screen that looks like mine. The teacher starts to stutter. I turn around and think "huh, that one person looks like me....why is she naked?!....OH CRAP!!!!! 

I hit the deck. Literally, just BOOM on to the ground, and start scrambling to find my PJs. I heard the instructor say "Um, let's...um...go over some housekeeping rules" like no nudity in the class/Bible Study. I ended up skipping the class and reading the book version instead.  

Lesson for you: Keep your computer's 'eye' or video camera covered with a Band Aid or sticky note when not in use, and learn the basic principles of all conferencing tools before using. And ZOOM uses webcams. The end. 

 2. Failing to Follow Up

This is the kiss of death. I had promised to send a rebate to a new customer to cover the cost of shipping. It was just a few bucks, but I had said I would do it. Then my grandfather's  three types of cancer transformed from scary, slow growths into true ravenous beasts. The cancer took off, and my home life got turned around. I was still working two jobs, my mom was spending most days either working one of her three jobs, or caring for my grandparents. My dad and I were tag teaming things like chores, picking up groceries, and cooking, just to keep things afloat. And yeah - it was Christmas time - my busiest time of year personally and professionally.

The ball got dropped. The money did not get sent. And after a few months, I got an angry email.

Lesson for you: Don't make mental notes of follow-ups, just do them immediately before life sweeps in and pulls you away. Life WILL happen, so apply Mel Robbins' principle, count down from 5 and when you get to 1, do the thing. It slays procrastination. And if you drop the ball, apologize, fix it if you can, and then forgive yourself. You will do better next time.

3. Accidentally getting 'done-up' while teaching.

It is no secret that I am a lightweight. It is also no secret that when this business launched two years ago, I loved to serve my clients a nice cocktail or glass of wine while they listened to the class. I'm not drinking in my house these days (long story, coming soon), so I've gotten away from that practice. 

So, while teaching one of the hundred's of oils classes I've taught, I fixed everyone a drink and thought 'Oh, I can join them!' and poured a glass of wine. And drank it. On an empty stomach. Kinda quickly because I was talking. Suddenly, everything was sooooo funny. I have no idea what I said, or if the lesson was even scientifically accurate. 

Lesson for you: If you are joining your guests with a cocktail - do it after the class. You cannot talk about monoterpenes and the effects of Frankincense molecules on the blood-brain barrier with Chardonnay in your system.  

So there are the top 3 most embarrassing moments in business so far. There will be more, I'm sure, and I'll be mortified for a hot second, forgive myself, and press on. And so are you. We are human, sweetheart. <3 

Samantha Bossalini