Celebrating the Wins

Here’s the thing about running your own business.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva

Photo by Valeria Boltneva

Everyone has a method for you. There are tens of thousands of resources available to help you and your business develop. I am currently reading a book written in the 1930’s on goal setting, and it’s not the first book I’ve read on this topic this year. Worth noting, however, is not all methods work for all people. I think of this knowledge collective as a stir-fry, and I’m eating the stuff I want and picking out the tofu because soy makes me sick as a dog. Not every piece of business wisdom is going to help you.

I remember when I first started my business, I heard of another woman in my field. She had slain her goals and reached a level of success in record time, becoming a multi-millionaire in just 18 months. When asked how she did, she replied ‘I barely showered, brushed my teeth, or changed my underwear.’ And my reaction to that was…..ew.

Is that kind of achievement impressive? Heck yes! Do I have the same personality type and motivations as that lady? No. For those of you are who are familiar with the color personality test, I am a yellow/blue. That means that helping people is my ultimate motivation, but I also need to have some fun doing it or I’m going to lose my drive REAL quick.

In January, I felt my drive halt to a stop. I had worked insane hours from October - December, I was moving, and was under a substantial weight of stress. Christmas was around the corner, and I said to my mom ‘I just need Christmas to be over so I can breathe.’ Ok, that is a sign of a problem…there is no fun happening there. When January hit, I deflated. It took me until late February to realize what was going on.

My yellow side was feeling full because lots of people were being helped, but my blue side was starving. Someone asked me what I was doing for fun and I replied ‘Budgets, squats, and emotional healing.’ HA! That’s miserable. Straight up, that’s no fun at all. In response, I built the Rewards System for myself. Each month, I set achievable goals that drive me closer to my goals for the year. For each goal accomplished, there is a small prize. It could be something small, no-cost, or necessary (like getting my split ends trimmed). If each goal is accomplished by the end of the month, I get a bigger prize.

Here are some for-instances:

  • Goal: Send this month’s newsletter to my clients and do a really excellent job on it.
    Reward: Go for a stroll in the park on a sunny day.

  • Goal: Bring 5 new clients on board and give them the tools to succeed.
    Reward: Go get an ice cream out with friends.

  • Goal: Teach 5 classes this month.
    Reward: Use my gift card to go see a movie in theaters.

Finish all 20 goals for the month, and go get a pedicure for our beach vacation in May.

How is it working? Since trying this system, my productivity climbed about 30%. I learned that not only can I bribed with ice cream and movies like a 10-year-old (I’m a woman of simple tastes), but I also need some kind of prize incentive to keep my drive up.

Give it a shot! It’s better than not showering.

Samantha Bossalini