Boss Lady Reads

I've got a lady on my team who always keeps a book in her purse, just in case she gets bored.


I love that. I love people who strive to learn and grow.

It can be hard for me to choose a book about self development or business over Netflix at the end of a long day, but I have never, never regretted reading over powering through a season of whatever-crap-TV-on-Hulu. You don't get those hours back! As entrepreneurs (especially ones with multiple commitments), we have to be strategic about how we use our time. It's all on us...which is both beautiful and empowering, and slightly terrifying and overwhelming. Let's get some good books on your shelves. If you are crazy busy like me, and sitting down to read isn't an option for you, books on tape while you clean/drive/work out/cook are the best!

Here are the books I've been blessed by as a Boss Lady.

'Nothing to Prove: Why We Can Stop Trying So Hard' by Jennie Allen.
Its weird to start a Boss Lady reading list with a book about not trying so hard, but  Jennie addresses our unhealthy obsession with perfection and our maddening desire to perform for others.Through Jennie's transparency and wisdom, I learned to have grace for myself, and lean in to what really matters as a woman, a business owner, a sister/friend/community member, etc. She also writes from a Judeo-Christian perspective which definitely speaks to my heart and where I am.

'Oola. Find Balance in an Unbalanced World' by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl
This was the first book I read as an entrepreneur. Thank goodness, it was the best first step on a long journey. Where would we be without the Oola boys and their VW surfer van? Sad and stressed, that's where. Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy (not actually doctors, lol) teach you how to set healthy boundaries  in your life, and achieve balance and structure without running yourself into the ground. This isn't New Age balance or weird hemp-y-spiritual-voodoo. It's practical daily advice for getting your life in order. Their 'Seven F's of Oola' is how I structure my work week. No matter what stage of life you are in, this is a must read.

'Road to Royal: Roadmap to Success' by Debra Raybern.
It doesn't get any more real than Debra. Shortly after her husband's sudden death, Debra jumped head-first full of faith into a Young Living business to support herself and her young daughter. Now a Royal Crown Diamond (the highest rank attainable in Young Living), Debra writes with humility and knowledge about her journey and challenges you to set your goals and actually achieve them. Her challenge to write 100 dreams for your life was one of the hardest lists I've had to write, believe it or not! This is essentially a workbook, and it will work you hard, but it is so worth it.

'Gameplan: The Complete Strategy Guide to go from Starter Kit to Silver' by Sarah Harnisch
Oh my gosh, Sarah. After decades of living in poverty, striving, and surviving only by the grace of God and some serious hard work, Sarah had enough. She purchased her YL starter kit in 2015, and reached the rank of Diamond in two years. Gameplan details how she did it. It is meat and potatoes, step by step instructions to succeed at a multi-level marketing business (she'll also tell you how to stop being squirmish about the idea of an MLM - they work). I listen to her free Gameplan Bootcamp episodes while I work around the house, and her book and workbook are digestible, on point, and effective. Her website is available for  anybody, and has a ton of free resources.

Other books on my list:

Talk to me. What books are you reading right now? What is encouraging you, and filling up your hours? It doesn't have to be a business or development book, it just has to water your soul.

Let's chat it up, Boss Ladies!

Samantha Bossalini