Saratoga: Apple Citrus Sparkling Bellini

I love bubbles.


And rainbow sprinkles, and glitter, because your girl right here is extra as heck.

Being Italian, my extended family will often bring out a bottle of bubbly prosecco at the holidays to make Bellinis. Unlike Mimosas, Bellinis use prosecco instead of champagne, and peach or apricot nectar in place of orange juice.

So what do you do when you are an Italian bubbly-wine lover who no longer drinks wine?


Let me introduce you to TÖST. TÖST is a bubbly, celebratory beverage with zero alcohol. It is made with white tea, cranberry and ginger and lots of bubbles. It is not very sweet at all, but is the perfect substitute if you are trying to stay off the booze, and still want to be part of the party. They pay me nothing to say that; I just love them a lot.

I am also very aware that a lot of restaurants serving mocktails will substitute Sprite for champagne, throw in some OJ and try to serve that to expectant moms at brunches. I’m sorry, but no. If you are mature enough to be pregnant, you are mature enough to be served a beverage that isn’t the color of nuclear plant run-off with enough sugar to stop a pancreas. That’s right, classy little mama…you deserve a better drink.

[rant over]

It is autumn in upstate NY right now, which means apple cider season is here. So, this is a NY twist on a bellini (and yes, there are oils).


  • 2 oz. TÖST

  • 1 oz. apple cider

  • 1 drop of Young Living Orange Vitality Essential Oil

  • Apple or lemon peel to garnish

In a flute glass, pour the cider and, drop in your Orange Vitality oil. Top with TÖST. Garnish with curled lemon peels or apple slices.

The end. Bottoms up ;)

Samantha Bossalini