Citrus Blueberry Bubbly

The second I poured the bubbly mixer into the oils and blueberries, I started shouting “IT’S PURPLE!"


It’s purple and bubbly. Sobriety is the best thing ever.

This mocktail would be perfect for Valentine’s Day if you’re skipping the wine, or even if you’re missing the effervescent, fruity flavors of summer cocktails. I served it in short glasses with a slice of grapefruit, but also tried it in a wine glass and it was beautiful. There are two Vitality oils in this mocktail: Grapefruit and Orange, but feel free to experiment.

A new discovery has been Zevia Mixers. These sparkling, cocktail-esque mixers are made with zero-calorie stevia, and are on par with any other low/no sugar mixer I’ve used in the past. I kind of love them a lot, and the Ginger Beer has been a favorite, but this Lemon Lime Bitter business is coming in hot for second place.

Citrus Blueberry Bubbly (serves 1)

Pour the blueberries into the bottom of a glass. Add your Vitality oils and let sit for just a minute or two. The blueberries will act as ice cubes but you want the citrus oils to get in the skin a bit. Pour in your Zevia and serve.

* WARNING * The Zevia WILL bubble somewhat aggressively so go slow on the pour or you will have purple counter tops.

Samantha Bossalini