6 Oily Travel Hacks

Have I mentioned how much I love travel?


Oh my giddy aunt, I so love it. This past trip to England was a blessing and a half. A huge-mongous thank you to the beautiful friends who took such good care of me (love ya!). I came home so refreshed, with a full spirit and fresh ideas and perspective. One of the reasons I became an entraprenoiler is to have the financial freedom to travel, and basically, the oil work paid for my round trip flights to London. Like I said, blessing and a half.

England confirmed it: I will never travel without my oils again. Never. This was the trip of a lifetime, and my little bottles kept me boosted, supported, and fresh to enjoy every second of it.

The question I hear most often regarding oils and travel is can you get them through security. Absolutely. Keep them in a clear, quart-sized bag per TSA's regulations, and put them through the X-ray scanner like you would any other carry-on liquids. You can stow them in checked luggage, but I keep them with me in case the airline loses my checked bag (and my Frankincense with it).

So, let's do this. Here are 6 Young Living oily hacks for your next adventure, tried and tested by this road warrior. 

1. Thieves Wipes. Oh these magical wipes! They were used to clean off feet that smelled like old, dirty travel shoes, and wipe down the faithful yet filthy suitcase inside and out. I may have also used them to freshen up when the Oxford dorm I stayed in had unusable showers....might have ... ;)

2. Scarf Diffuser. If you're going to be on a 7-hour flight, you'll be exposed to some nastiness from fellow passengers. AND there are no diffusers allowed on board (obviously). Solution: 2-3 drops of oils on a scarf. Rub the oil into the fabric and wrap it around your neck. As your skin warms the fabric, it diffuses the oils right below your nose. My favorite is Thieves to support my immune system, because...7 hours of yummy shared plane air. You get the picture.

3. Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint Vitality Oils: The trinity of travel oils

  • Lemon on your skin makes you smell fresh and bright while on the road, and is a delicious addition to water.
  • Lavender to support your skin post-flight when applied neat to the face. Also useful to chill you out when your connecting transportation is late.
  • Peppermint for a quick swish in your mouth when you need a breath freshener.

4. Thieves Travel Toothpaste: Did you know this was a thing? I did not but, as a lover of Thieves toothpaste, I was chuffed (British word) to find out that the toothpaste comes in 2oz tubes, just scooting in under that 3oz liquid rule. A tube went in my carry-on bag with my toothbrush so I could brush my teeth on the plane before landing in London.

5. Orange Blossom Wash: I love this nontoxic facial wash, but bringing a whole bottle of it to the UK wasn't going to happen. Into a 3oz empty travel bottle (Target sells them for a dollar or two each), fill 1/3 of the way with the wash. Fill the rest with water when you arrive at your destination, or on the plane to freshen up. Its diluted but still extremely effective and gentle on your stressed out skin.

6. Ningxia Red Packets: Under 3oz and a godsend when the jetlag hits. Ningxia is packed with antioxidants and essential oils to support your entire body, and tastes amazing.

BONUS: Glass water bottle. I wrapped my empty glass bottle in a sweater and tucked it in my carry-on. Once through airport security, you can fill it with water from the fountain, and drop some Peppermint or Lemon Vitality in to keep your breath fresh and your body hydrated. Just be sure you empty it before going through security or you'll end up chugging it all in one go as I did, much to the amusement of the Heathrow TSA agents.

There you go, babes! Tried and true travel hacks with the greatest oils on the planet.

Be well


Samantha Bossalini