Hi! I’m Samantha.


I have a freedom story. But first, I need to be very real with you. Is that cool?

In 2015, I was not a free woman. I was 25-years-old and living with my folks. I was sick, depressed, angry, dealing with systemic inflammation, and I was losing my battle with alcohol dependency. Hey, I told you we were getting real here.

I had a career but was very unhappy, and I had zero self-worth so looking for another job was out of the question. On the outside, I looked ok; I faked a lot of smiles, but on the inside - I was in my mid-twenties, feeling trapped, ashamed, and like my life had hit a barrier.

I wasn’t always like this…how did I get here? Well, there had been serious heartbreak, emotional abuse, and disappointment, ‘cause life and people are messy. I responded by blaming myself and constructing thick walls. Behind those walls was a hurt, snarly, spiraling, ‘fluffy’ girl (I wasn’t taking care of my body, so…yeah…fluffy). The future looked bleak; there were no new dreams in my heart, and there hadn’t been since college. I woke up most mornings with a sense of dread and a hangover, because I would end a stressful day with Netflix and a couple glasses of alcohol just so I could numb out.

I was not free. I knew there was freedom in Jesus, and in making better choices, but I felt too broken to step into that freedom.

In 2016, there was a tectonic shift. The first thing I did was acknowledge that there were problems, and I first needed to address the junk happening in my body. I improved my diet, sleep, exercise, and hydration, and incorporated Young Living essential oils and supplements. My inflammation plummeted. Now that my hormones, emotions, and body were starting to stabilize, it was time to tackle my heart.

It took time, it took work, and I ugly-cried a LOT, but Jesus, good counsel, prayer, and essential oils facilitated deep emotional and mental healing. I started to feel the freedom creeping in. Freedom and joy.

In late 2017, I gave my notice at my job, and jumped into business for myself, teaching other women how to make healthy and sustainable changes using essential oils. That jump was freaking terrifying but it was worth it …and I started to have new dreams. There were new veins of creativity, and doors of opportunity started to swing open.

And then it was my 28th birthday. I woke up that day and gave myself a gift. Sobriety.

I haven’t consumed alcohol since that morning. I ditched the crutch. Everyone has a different journey with recovery, but God gave amazing grace and I was completely healed from alcohol dependency. I re-learned how to properly handle stress without a crutch, but now I could taste such freedom, and I’ve never looked back.

Freedom and Joy became my purpose.


  • Freedom from toxic environments, products, relationships, and thinking.

  • Financial freedom - with responsibilities managed, and abundance left over to enjoy and to help set other people free.

  • Health freedom - the ability to feel completely well and using that wellness to pursue things we love.

  • Freedom to dream again and to grow.

  • Freedom to pursue dreams without restrictive thinking or circumstances.

  • Freedom from false expectations and lies that tear us down.

  • Freedom to share honestly about what is going on in our lives without feeling the need to cover it with a filter or a cliché.

JOY: stronger than happiness, resilient in the face of circumstances.

  • My joy comes from Jesus. I don’t hide that. I don’t beat people over the head with religion, but if you see me glowing even in the dark junk, it’s Jesus. My strength and joy come from my relationship with Him. Sometimes its childlike, and sometimes it’s springing from a deep well of very real conquered hurts. Either way, its Him.

  • Joy is my middle name. I didn’t receive my middle name until I was 12 because my folks thought my full name was already long enough. When I asked for a middle name (all the other kids had one), my mom chose Joy. It became a bit prophetic, because I didn’t have joy until later in life, but once it was here, it was here to stay.

  • In all things I do, whether it is written, created, or spoken, I want it to be scented with pure joy. I won’t gloss over the ugly parts; actually, I’ll share them with you. But we end all things with joy.



Healthy Living Shouldn’t be Complicated

I believe in modern medicine. I also believe that living a natural, toxin-free, and balanced lifestyle is so much better than living below the wellness line, bogged down with crap food, poisonous products, and bad habits  

But you know what? It’s hard to make healthy choices when you’re faced with jargon, trends, and weird food with tongue-twister names. It’s hard to know what’s true when doctors and naturalists have their horns locked and are giving conflicting information. It’s dang impossible to know what half of the people on the internet are talking about when it comes to being #healthy.

This is for you.

  • For you, who have wondered what essential oils are about, and been overwhelmed by all the info out there.

  • For you, who thought that natural food is just for rich people dropping big bucks on organic kale, or hippies brewing kombucha in the back of a van in Vermont.

  • For you, reading the back of your shampoo bottle seeing three ingredients you recognize.

  • For you, searching for smoothie bowls on Pinterest and getting discouraged because you don’t have time to make a mermaid swirl bowl of magical algae, bedazzled with kumquats carved into the shape of swans amongst a bouquet of edible flowers found only in the gardens at Hogwarts....yeah.

  • For you, who want to make good choices; you just don’t know where to start.

Let’s debunk the junk together. Ingredient by ingredient. Food item by food item. Fad by fad.

We can do this, babe. We just need the essentials.

My mission:

To empower YOU. It’s your turn. Let's debunk the natural health jargon, and make it accessible to you. 

My promise:

  • I’ll practice what I preach. If I talk about lemon vitality oils in your water, it’s because there is lemon vitality oil in my water.

  • To use words we can all understand.

  • To give you information to make your own decisions.

  • To NOT be your doctor. The information found on this website is not a substitute for consulting with a medical professional you trust. 


Disclosure – Government peeps say I gotta do this, friends. So listen up!

I’m not a doctor. I’m not a medical professional, nutritionist, or holistic specialist. I have no letters after my name because my name is obnoxiously long already. I cannot prescribe, diagnose, treat, or cure. I offer information and empower you to make your own choices. Because you’re a big girl (or boy) and you’re smart. You make your own decisions.